Instagram Tips

Hey everyone!

Today Im going to talk to you about some Instagram Tips and Tricks that I have collected throughout the years of my binge scrolling through this social media platform, and my many posts that have been collected on my account(s) throughout the years.

Now and days pretty much everyone has Instagram, I am pretty sure even my grandmother has it! Mostly though there is a lot of “pressure” on Instagram for teenage girls. Having a theme, the perfect lighting, and the right amount of likes on your account. I’ll tell you it isn’t easy too get high numbers of followers and likes. I can also say that developing a theme for the photos you enjoy taking can be a bit of a challenge. But hey that’s why I am here, too help you get your Instagram something too be noticed and acknowledged by.

Apps I recommend:

  • VSCO – VSCO is an editing app for your photos, you can do a lot on this app. I specifically love this application for it’s ability too view your theme and check if all your photos match instead of posting and deleting and then reposting the same photo just with a more enhanced brightness.
  • Afterlight- Afterlight is another app like VSCO. It doesn’t have the ability to view¬†your theme but it has similar features and filters too VSCO. It has the option of putting a border on your photos and has more filters to choose from.
  • Layout (for Instagram)- This App is great for when you want too easily create a collage of photos, it is very self explanatory and easy to use.
  • WhenToPost- WhenToPost is an App that will choose 3 times of the day that your account will get the most likes and comments, I find that this app really does work. I have noticed since using this App I have gotten many more likes and I have gotten more comments on my posts as well. You just logon to your Instagram account through this app, and you will get a notification 3 times a day 15 minutes before you should post on your account.


  • When starting your Instagram account out try and tell your friends and family that you now have an account to start getting followers.
  • Post frequently but don’t spam – what I mean by that is post every 3-7 days but don’t post too much photos in a day. I find when you space your photos out you’ll tend to get more followers on your account being active.
  • Be careful with editing- Editing can be a blessing, filters can enhance your favourite features or even help with hiding things such as your dark circles, but sometimes you can enhance your filter to much or it is too powerful for the lighting and colours in the photo. I would recommend to not put your filter on the highest it could go I would say to put it on half way or less for your photos. This way the filter is there but it’s not so overpowering.
  • When taking selfie’s or photos of yourself find the best angle that works for you. Experiment with your angle’s and different lighting. Doing this can make your photos much better and you will know how to pose to get the photo right for you.
  • When first starting out your Instagram account you will most likely not get as much likes as you would if you were to have your account for a year and post photos. A way to get as many likes as possible would be to text, dm, call, or get a hold of some people following you after you posted a photo and ask them to go and like it and possibly comment (seems a bit desperate but it really helps, especially because by the time they go on the app your photo might not appear on their feed anymore)
  • Another tip for when you are first starting out would be if you leave your account on public you can put common hashtag’s such as #comment4comment or #like4like meaning they will like/ comment on your photo as long as you return the “favour”. These hashtags are pretty popular and anyone in the world clicking on the hastag can see your post getting you a bunch of likes
  • If you can try to take as many photos with your camera on the back of your phone instead of your front facing camera (selfie camera) because it will most likely have a better camera making your photos that much better of quality. Especially for IPhone I have noticed a HUGE difference using my back camera instead of my front camera.
  • Always adjust your brightness before applying your filter to your photo

Theme Tips:

  • Before developing your theme for your account take a look at your camera roll and look at the photos you usually take. Are they brighter? darker? more colourful? one you have established what kind of photos you typically take time to find a filter that matches the “type” of photos you are taking.
  • Flip your photos to match your theme. Sometimes the photo isn’t matching your theme because the part of the picture where you have added the colour you needed to match is at angle where you barely notice it try to flip your photo around until it matches sometimes this even happens too me
  • To easily develop a theme on your account take photos that are generally pretty bright or are dark. Try to stay with the same amount of lighting and don’t go in between bright and dark it will make it seem as if developing a theme is impossible.
  • If you are having trouble picking out a filter for your theme you can search on pretty much any social platform or even google images VSCO Theme Ideas and find a theme that you like or that matches the pictures you typically take. There are a million ideas for themes.

My Theme:

For my Theme I like too edit all my photos with VSCO

  • my themes is more of a brown neutral theme

I stick to the filters M3 and M5 I usually tone down the filter to +4

I turn my exposure down to -1

my contrast to +1

and sometimes turn my tint to -1

Well that is it for todays blog I hope that I helped you all with getting your Instagram to the next “level”